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Our Brand Story

This is truly a story of a woman and her relationship with the ocean from a young age. Founder , Khabonina has always been curious about what lies beneath this majestic force, as a dancer , she saw the waves movements as choreography. Little did she know that years later , this would be her prosperity!

Khabonina graduated in 2000 from MID. The 19-subject Teacher Training Course, also included choreography, business management & The anatomy and physiology of the body. The human body & its conditioning was her fascination, hence she continued her studies & research beyond her course. She realised that for the body to perform optimally and continue to fulfill its duty, it needs to be fuelled correctly!

While busy with her research, she had the honor to host a Food and Wellness television program called “Dijo le Bophelo” for three years, probably the equivalent of a Nutrition Diploma because this program educated her. Filled with deep discussions Q&A with nutritionists, dieticians, skin specialists, food specialists & more. It was definitely Edutainment for her & the nation at large. What also captured her was the interesting things being said about seaweed and this boosted more research into Irish Seamoss.

Fast forward to 2018, after giving birth and naming her daughter after her passion, (Lwandle) the Ocean, she tried and tested this seaweed called iris Seamoss on herself, looking at its properties, all-natural , health benefits, it worked wonders, and she decided to share its superpowers with the nation.

People’s interest in Seamoss grew and Khabonina needed more of it produced. In SA we do not have the right climate/ environment and water temperature to produce a lot of Seamoss so she had to reconnect with Ghana & Tanzania, countries she has visited before. Tanzania is more special to her when it comes to Seamoss harvesting because there are more women conducting seaweed farming & they are improving their livelihoods which has positive impacts on their families and communities. Women produced 412 tons of seaweed in the year 2016/17 which is equivalent to 80% of the total production.

In 2019 Seamoss officially became the base and backbone of The Khanatural brand. We added Seamoss soaps, and Seamoss treatments, both topical & by ingestion, it was beautiful. Clients were excited!

Due to Khabonina’s wellness studies and physiology background, she is more interested in the INGREDIENTS of each product & the body’s reaction to it. It’s easier to educate clients on something that they can be familiar with than only the science behind the product. This is what sets Khanatural apart, we deal with our products from a different perspective.


Join us on our journey as we continue to grow and develop communities . Let’s help empower Seamoss farmers , let’s keep our communities healthy and teach them about the power of self healing , Naturally!

Welcome to your Khanatural Journey!

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