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We fell in love with Tazra’s energy & shoulders at first sight! What a babe!

She says:” I am a bubbly, energetic and positive person. I prioritise my mental and physical health, keeping active with yoga and CrossFit. “

We love how realistic she also is. She doesn’t live at the gym but makes her workout sessions work for her lifestyle! That way she’s not stressed & pressured!

She further says: “ I’m not opposed to a lazy couch day and eating an entire pizza. Balance is key, right? “

A lover of life with a passion! Tazra has 2 rescue dogs, who are her whole world.

“In my spare time, I enjoy binge-watching series, doing puzzles and playing word games.

I have an active social life, and love being out and about with friends, as well as enjoying good food at restaurants.” !

We love you Queen and welcome to KHANATURAL!

She loves the Khanatural Revival Facial Oil with a passion and we see the immediate skin glow!

Thank you Tazra for choosing Khanatural!

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