Khanatural Blog Aug 23
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Young Adriaan loves the finer things in life! This is evident through his Real Estate window! He’s great at

selling property, hence he understood the Khanatural business style.

“I’m a young social, and outgoing person.
I have a passion for sports, fitness and staying healthy.” – Adriaan

What a huge honour it was, to have him on set at the Khanatural Products shoot, he has incredible energy!

“I have a witty humour and without a doubt will add a bit of sarcasm to my everyday conversations.” – Which

he does so effortlessly. Lol 😂

Speaking on his appearance and what he loves, he says: “I do have tattoos, each with their own individual

design telling stories about my life and what I’ve been through in my past.”

Regarding Khanatural, Adriaan loved the shoot and products and said: “I’ll gladly do it again!”
Another win 🏆 for us.

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