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Her name is Palesa Moditambi & by profession, She’s a celebrity publicist & talent manager, company name is @by_esamedia.

Talking to the Khanatural Team, about her passion, Palesa says: “The entertainment space is MY LIFE and what I’m extremely passionate about. I love waking up each day knowing that I transform brands & I’m trusted daily with so many careers.”

Because of her mind-blowing evergreen energy, we asked her about her love language, she said, “I consider music to be my love language! Ps. I’m a sucker for pink hair 😂… & Cinnabons are a win in my book. ALWAYS. 🤞🏽!”

Here’s why we love her:
1. Her contagious laugh
2. Her go-getter energy
3. Her larger-than-life persona!
@_lesathegreat is the name to know cause she’s the next biggest media mogul on the rise! ✨

Im super excited to have been part of this Khanatural shoot, not only because of how great the new products are looking but simply because of what Khanatural stands for as a brand 🤌🏽
One thing I love most about Khanatural products is their ability to understand & cater to the body in the most natural way. As a black woman trying for years of my life, trying to find products that aren’t harmful to my body inside and out often meant searching for the impossible & then never really being happy with what I’ve found anyway. Khanatural products smell great & treat my body even better! I’m obsessed! My personal favourites … The new Coconut & Avo Body Butter 😍 & The Revival oil I was lucky enough to model for Khanatural!

We are honored to even be in your space Palesa The Great! You made our entire Khanatural shoot with your love & energy!

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