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We at Khanatural love the fact that each body is different from another. From smile and laugh to soul and personality, We love that simply being your true self is unique. While the categorization of women’s body shapes can indeed shed light on commonalities and helpful, shape-specific information, it’s also true that these categories are usually generalized to a point that lacks recognition or appreciation for unique, specific features.

Though there are common shapes out there and many women identify with at least one of them, many conversations and articles focus on how to normalize your “different” shape to make it look more similar to a standard or universally pleasing breast shape. Instead, We think we should be talking about how to love and celebrate your unique body shape, breasts and more. We hope that we can find a sense of community among the different body shapes women identify with, but also that we can view it as a way to better understand ourselves and not feel the need to alter it for non-health reasons. With that in mind, here’s my guide to understanding your breasts better!

We think it’s important to familiarize yourself with your unique breast shape for a few reasons. Most importantly, your breasts are a part of your body and therefore it can help you to feel more knowledgeable and in touch with yourself to know them well. If you’re more familiar with your body and your breasts, in particular, it shows. Positive and confident body language, good posture and an overall sense of poise are classic and very telling outward signs of a woman who is aware of her breasts, in touch with her physical self and loving towards her natural shape.

You are so much more than a shape. You are not a category, a classification or a group. You are your unique self, and your breasts are a part of that self. With that in mind, some breast shape commonalities link individual women together through their natural shape. These commonalities (seen below as my list of breast shapes) show that while we as women can find a wonderful sense of community and even kinship in our similarities, no two of us are the same. Which shape or shapes do you recognize in your breasts?

Remember, “asymmetrical” does not denote faultiness, inadequacy or fallaciousness of any kind. Rather, the asymmetrical shape simply means your breasts are not identical to one another (quite normal)! This shape might manifest itself through a difference in size (of varying levels), nipple placement or breast orientation in general.

For professional athletes, dedicated CrossFit queens and others who love to sweat it out, you might identify closely with this shape. On the other hand, elements of the athletic breast shape can be found in non-athletes as well. Athletic-shaped breasts usually include muscularity throughout the area, a space between the breasts and a low to moderate amount of tissue.

  • BELL BREAST SHAPE: We are not fans of comparing body parts or shapes to inanimate objects, but the beautifully fluid shape of a bell is very much spot on for this shape. Bell-shaped breasts are aptly named because they begin with a skinnier top region and broaden into a wider, more round shape towards the bottom of the breast. Keep in mind that as with most breast shapes, you might personally have a bell combination shape (i.e., an asymmetrical bell breast shape) that is all your own.

  • CLOSE-SET BREAST SHAPE: While primarily athletic-shaped breasts feature a space or gap in the sternum area between the breasts, close-set breasts are their opposite in this way. Women with this breast shape might notice that their breasts meet in the middle of their chest or are very close to each other. This shape focuses on breast orientation and is identifiable regardless of size, but is a common feature of larger breasts.

  • FUNDAMENTAL BREAST SHAPE: We believe all breast shapes are exemplary, significant, normal and accepted, which is why We chose the word “fundamental” for this shape. Known to others as a standard, typical or even ideal breast shape, this one represents the essential nature of the breast itself. The fundamental shape is something you might draw as a universal representation of boobs and can be identified specifically as a medium-sized, relatively round breast with symmetrical nipple placement in the front.
  • EAST-WEST BREAST SHAPE: Another shape that features a separation of the breasts in the cleavage area is the east-west. You might identify with this one if you see that your nipples face outwards towards your arms instead of straight ahead. If you have a unique east-west shape, you might also experience some difficulty with creating your desired amount of cleavage under your shirts. Don’t worry — a perfect bra for creating cleavage with east-west-shaped breasts can be found! Just contact us for plugs 🔌!

Your boobs don’t need to be perky, high-set or super-large to be healthy or beautiful. We think of relaxed-shaped breasts as a softer shape that offers more in length than it does in width. Other signifiers of this shape include a low amount of tissue and nipples that point downward and sag when not wearing a bra. If you fall under this category of breast shape, push-up bras are a brilliant option if you want your breasts to feel supported and have a perkier look. But that’s all your decision! Your boobs are alive & unique as they are!

  • ROUND BREAST SHAPE: This breast shape is identifiable by an overall rounded shape which includes a similar amount of tissue in both the top and bottom regions.
  • SIDE-SET BREAST SHAPE: Both east-west and side-set breast shapes tend to include a gap between the breasts themselves, though they each have their defining factors. Unlike the east-west shape, side-set breasts tend to be a bit more full in their shape. Side-set breasts can also be identified by nipples that face more towards the front instead of the sides.
  • SLENDER BREAST SHAPE: Your breasts may have a slender shape if they are a little longer than they are wide. Slender breast shapes can come in any size, though they are common in small-breasted women. The slender breast shape often includes downward-facing nipples as well.
  • TEARDROP BREAST SHAPE: Another appropriately named breast shape is the teardrop, which describes breasts with circular fullness around the bottom that tapers at the top to create a natural water droplet shape. This shape offers less curviness than bell-shaped breasts and more roundedness. Push-up bras are a great solution for this breast shape as well.

Now that we’ve concluded defining the most common breast shapes, we are opening the floor to you YOU! Have we perhaps missed your shape or another beautiful unique breast shape you might know of! Please share with us! DM or email us if you prefer privacy!

We love you and your Queening breasts! Next up we will delve into the best diet for your breasts! Stay tuned to Khanatural 👌🏾

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