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We know about all the other types of fasting but have you ever heard of SKIN FASTING ?!

Well , Morgan Mandriota of Healthline says :

“Back in 2019, the skin fasting trend made its debut on the internet. And much like low-rise jeans, chunky highlights, and thin eyebrows, it’s officially making a comeback on TikTok in 2022. So what is skin fasting? And what are the potential perks?”

We assume Skin fasting means minimizing or taking a break from using skin care products like cleansers and exfoliators to hard reset and let your skin chill out for a bit. (For the record, skin fasting does not mean skipping sunscreen. Protect your skin! Or even use the after sun butter, just stay protected) What’s the point? To hit pause on getting support from products and kick your skin back into doing its natural thing: producing its own oils, moisturizing itself, etc.

Well, what we love about most of you here is that you already either living a clean lifestyle or aiming at it. Most of your skins are used to self care , pretty much like the ocean. The biggest cell on your body can care for itself ! This takes a lot of discipline too because what you eat plays a huge role when you are SKIN FASTING, for example , you need your daily oranges vitamin C , your avocado (omega 3 oil ) , lots of water etc.

Ok for those who have never heard of or tried SKIN FASTING , would you try it? Maybe, depending on factors like your skin type, how often you do your skin care routine, and the types of products you use. It’s also important to note that there are no scientific studies to back up these claims — just some skin care pros influencing the masses and inspiring people to try it for themselves and gauge their own results .

We briefly had a chat with a few talented stars & celebrities and asked if they’d consider skin fasting. The gorgeous Actress , Homeground Host , Producer now also a a New lifestyle lounge owner “THE MANSION”, Minnie Dlamini said , “I’ve never done it but I’m keen to try!” This is also why we love her , she’s always reinventing herself and keen to try and learn new things!
On the contrary , our talented safta nominated Generations actress Refilwe Madumo says : “no ways! ” to skin fasting! But her reasoning is very valid , :”Not at this time , she continues , I wear too much makeup for work everyday, I have to wash my face often. Maybe in December when we go on our break. But even then, I feel itchy if I don’t wash. I’m one of those people who bathes 2/3 times a day otherwise I feel uncomfortable. I’ve never heard of this 😄!” She says . This makes sense especially if your work requires you to wear make up on a daily basis . You need a deep cleanse and a regular cleansing process!
AND , Our favorite 2022 safta award winning actress , no wait , she’s a Multi award winner, Manaka Ranaka who you also love on her & her family reality show The Ranaka’s. Now she, like our Minnie says she’s never heard of or tried skin fasting. She’d love to know more and try it. VIVA SKIN FASTING! We truly believe it’s as necessary as any other type of fasting.

The skin fasting trend doesn’t have any proven benefits, but it’s hyped up to be something you might try to take a break from all the products you’ve been using lately. It may or may not help. Consider trying it for yourself if you do , don’t forget your sun screen before leaving the house , but , if you do forget your sunscreen , we’ve got you covered with our Khanatural BlaQ after sun butter ! So all is well.

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  1. joyce nhlapho
    October 6, 2022

    Hi i need to buy it . I hv a skin problem

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