Khanatural BlaQ Sep 25
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When a product is natural , it should be safe for everyone to use. Toddlers and teens are our favorite clients because they have developing skin , so starting at a young age to include natural products for topical use and ofcourse ingestion is the best basic skin care routine. Toddlers start eating Seamoss in its gel form from the age of two , this can be eaten as is , just one spoon a day or it can be added to their porridge , cereal , and water . Toddlers seem to love avocado butter on their young soft skin . So we are winning !
Teens should be eating Seamoss daily , they should also be applying Seamoss gel on their faces for their Seamoss facials every week and washing their young fresh faces with Tumeric Seamoss soap , then , top it all off with Avocado Butter ! A product like avocado butter is key to keep their skin naturally moisturised . Remember is an excellent source of vitamins E and C, both of which play a key role in the health and vitality of your skin like helping with skin damage prevention , improve skin elasticity, minimise skin breakouts , prevent dry skin !

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